Lease End


Deciding what to do at the end of your lease can be daunting. Land Rover Mission Viejo makes it easy for you choose which option best suits your needs.


Forty-five (45) days before your lease maturity date, you can schedule a courtesy pre-inspection of your leased vehicle. You can request a pre-inspection at any point if you plan to turn-in early, but be aware that a pre-inspection will expire after 60 days.

This pre-inspection will provide:

  • A thorough evaluation of the wear and use on your vehicle so you can anticipate potential lease-end charges.
  • A condition report that details any wear and use items that you may be billed for at lease-end.
  • The condition report is not a bill and, therefore, won’t show any amounts.
  • Call us at (949) 359-4945 to schedule a courtesy pre-inspection.
  • Call Land Rover Financial at (877) 369-8455



Lease, Finance or Purchase a new Land Rover

This is the best perk of leasing! You have the option to trade your leased Land Rover for the latest technology and design Land Rover has to offer. If you have your eye on a new Land Rover model, please contact your personal sales associate to set up a time for us show you the new models and features available to you at Land Rover Mission Viejo. We will help you transition from your current Land Rover to the new one of your choice!


Purchase your current Land Rover:

If you want to purchase the Land Rover you’ve grown to love, call us to learn more about your lease-end options and we’ll tell you how you can purchase your leased vehicle. You can also request a payoff quote. Most lease agreements contain a purchase option that allows you to purchase your vehicle before or at the end of your term. Your agreement will explain the purchase price and terms. Many leases also require you to pay a purchase option fee disclosed on the lease.


Return Your Leased Land Rover:

If you decide to return your current leased Land Rover at lease-end, contact us at 949-391-4493 to set up an appointment. Here’s what you need to do on the day you return your vehicle:

  • Remove all personal items from your vehicle.
  • Place the owner’s manual in the glove box.
  • Turn in both sets of keys to the vehicle.
  • Call us at (949) 391-4493 within one business day of turning in the vehicle.